Face Lift

Face LiftA facelift, also called `rhytidectomy’, smoothens and tightens the loose skin on your face and neck it tightens underlying tissues and removes excess fat. As a result, your face. Surgeries for the aging face: As we grow older different parts of our body and face start to sag. If we should live in a place where there is no gravitational force, none of our parts would ever sag.

Face LiftBut, gravity alone is not the only factor for sagging, the other culprit is loss of the ‘elasticity’ and the ‘tone’ of the skin. As we grow older the elasticity and tone of the skin reduce gradually. Considering a Facelift? A facelift restores smoother more pleasing contours to your face & neck. It can help you look as good as you feel & younger than you are. This procedure is predominantly performed on the 40 plus age group.


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