LiposuctionCommon areas that Liposuction is performed on are: Inner & outer thighs Stomach, Buttocks, Flanks, Hips, Arms, Waistline, Breast (both male & female) After having your Liposuction it is still necessary to exercise & maintain a balance diet. Liposuction is performed at any age, & is popular with both men & women. The results are very rewarding & it is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in our society.

LiposuctionLiposuction, also known as Lipoplasty, Suction Assisted Lipectomy (SAL), or Liposculpture, is the removal of excess fatty deposits from various areas of the body. It is particularly effective for areas where fat is unable to be shifted by exercise or diet.

LiposuctionDoes the fat come back? Once an area is treated by liposuction, the fat does not come back in the same area again. Also, if you put on weight, it is more generalized rather than in one particular area as before.


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