David Fernandes, Businessman

I heard about loocs cosmetic clinic through 2 friends who had done hair transplant and after seeing their results which was outstanding, I decided to go ahead with loocs for my HT and today  I am very happy  that I look 10 years younger.

Irene Smith, England

I had fixed my appointment after going through the website but got my facelift done only when I felt confident after talking to the doctor and now I am  excited with my new look.

Sylvia Lehtonen, Finland

I did my first cosmetic surgery and that too in India with loocs cosmetic clinic and I am happy with my result and will recommend people to do surgeries with loocs as the doctors are the best.

Emma Jensen, Denmark

Thank you for all the care, understanding compassion and help that I received from all of you I really feel like a new person and more confident.

Sarah Dubois, France

My friend Victoria recommended loocs cosmetic clinic to me as she was a regular client for Botox and fillers for last 5 years. I am feeling great and youthful after doing the treatment. Thank you Victoria, you are a true friend and thank you loocs cosmetic clinic, you are the best.

Yasmine Khan, Banker (Goa)

I had acne since I was 16 years old. I have been to many doctors, tried proactive and everything else. I finally visited loocs cosmetic clinic, doctor helped me understand what acne is and how to treat it. I can’t remember my skin being this clear. Don’t waste your time and money anywhere else.

Shweta Patil, Student

I am 21 years old and had acne since I was 15.my mother has taken me everywhere and purchased everything to help clear my skin. Nothing worked, my acne just kept growing. I have been taking treatment in loocs cosmetic clinic for last 7 weeks and my skin is clear. Thank you loocs.

Sanjana Subhedar, Mumbai

I had my first laser hair removal treatment from loocs cosmetic clinic and I cannot explain just how satisfied I am with the treatment. I experienced no side effects and complete comfort. They don’t try to work towards your expectation but beyond it. Because of them I am in complete bliss. I definitely look forward to go there for more treatment.

Arti Nair, Advocate (Goa)

I had a cousins wedding to attend next month so I decided to pamper my skin. Had come to know from friends about loocs cosmetic clinic so I decided to undergo some treatment for my dull and tanned skin. After the treatment it was different me .so glowing and softy. I wish I had done these treatments before, but I have decided to do it every month henceforth .i will also recommend working ladies to get it done as they neglect their beauty in a day to day routine. Thank you loocs for everything.


Disclaimer: Results may vary some person to person.

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